Hosted Desktop
Cloud Computing

The ultimate client computing solution.

It replaces the outdated computing model of unsecure, unreliable, un-green and expensive PC’s setup.

Smart Solutions are specialise in the design and deployment of cloud client system setups. Typically using cost effective client workstations and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services we can deliver an extremely cost effective solution for your business network.

Most users do not need the complexity and expense of a PC at their desk, but require access to the usual office applications and the internet.

Using cloud computing moves the applications off the PC and onto a central server allowing simple centralised management of users, applications and data.

Cloud client workstations cost around 50% less than a good quality PC and do not need upgrading or replacing every three years, and with no moving parts are far more reliable than PC’s.

Using Cloud over traditional PC’s provide many benefits including:

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
Centralised management
Enhanced security
Reduced capital costs
Lower energy usage
Quieter working environment

  • Secure 100%
  • Reliable 100%
  • Professional 100%


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