Reliable implementation of GDPR with SWYX

Jul 4, 2018

Reliable implementation of European GDPR with SWYX



On 25th of May, the first data protection regulation valid throughout Europe (EU GDPR) comes into effect. Swyx, a specialist in IP telephony and unified communications, has updated its software solutions and provides partners with a checklist for handling personal data to ensure GDPR compliance in use.

For months now, the first data protection directive valid in all EU member states throughout Europe has been a defining issue. In particular, the new ceilings on fines (up to €20 million or up to 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of a company subject to sanctions) continue to attract attention and give weight to the new regulation.

Swyx has tested its Unified Communications solution, which is available throughout Europe, for compliance with the new regulations. By linking telephone, e-mail, messenger and video on a unified platform, numerous questions arise regarding the handling of personal data.

Made instead of discussed – Swyx enables GDPR-compliant handling

Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus, Managing Director of Swyx, assures the almost one million Swyx users of the good preparation for the deadline of the European data protection law: “It was particularly important to us that not only the new releases let Swyx users sleep peacefully with the GDPR, but also to sensitise partners and end customers with existing versions to use Swyx in compliance with the GDPR”.

Whether connection protocols, trace files, call details records: the new versions of SwyxWare (11.20) and SwyxON (1.20) have revised deletion mechanisms and a checklist has been prepared for all specialized trade partners for process adaptation and handling of personal data, which is available in the Swyx partner network. This helps the specialized trade to consider all DSGVO-relevant aspects. At the same time, to satisfy the responsible operators of the solution in the companies, the rights of affected parties to information, correction, deletion and transfer of their personal data.

Dr. Ebbinghaus: “When we talk about communication, we are always talking about the responsible handling of information. The main concerns of the GDPR are the strengthening of the rights of those affected, the upgrading of compliance, the standardisation of law in our European market and the adaptation of data protection to the technological progress we are driving forward. Our partners and users can rely on Swyx to meet this challenge”.

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