Setting the standard in IP Communications

Jul 4, 2018

Setting the standard in IP Communications

Swyx provides the most advanced IP-based communication system on the market. Using your existing IP network Swyx offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system / PBX with so much more, including integrating voice with messaging and rich presence; while also allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits of business-class VoIP. These benefits include conferencing, collaboration and networking, increase the productivity and professionalise the collaboration within small and midsize enterprises.

The video shows the possibilities of Swyx and how our solution contributes towards better and more flexible communications, collaboration and a significant increase of productivity for small and midsize companies.

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As one of the first companies in the IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC) market, Swyx has now more than fifteen years’ experience in cutting-edge communication and collaboration solutions. Our product development draws on the experience gained in the development and deployment of thousands of communication solutions for small and midsized enterprises throughout Europe.

And because a Swyx’ Unified-Communications-as-a-Service-(UCAAS) solution is scalable it will move and grow with your business no matter how many people you may have. It will simplify your business processes and the location-independent communication and collaboration. So whatever your business, and whatever your stage of development, choose an IP communication system from Swyx.

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