Coronavirus Corporate Update

Mar 23, 2020

Update 23-03-20

Following on from our last update, things have escalated further and there is obviously potential for more strict measures to be imposed upon us all this week. Many clients have now shifted to remote working and we are offering help and support as required.

The safety of our staff remains the top priority and at this time our HQ remains open but with strict distancing measures in place. This central team are facilitating the prepping of kit and deliveries to clients but with minimal contact on-site, so we won’t be stopping for the usual cup of tea.

We have staff already working remotely to reduce the risks and to free space in our office for the remaining. We may all relocate either by choice or Government decision in the coming days and our disaster recovery plan already facilitates this. Our customers should see no noticeable difference in the service they receive from us, it may just take us a little longer to get back to you due to the high level of requests coming in at present.

Critical site visits by our engineers will still be carried out if required but the level of work they can carry out will be dependent on its urgency, the safeguarding of their own personal health and any future announcements by the Government.

It is also worth pointing out the that demand on the UK’s internet and mobile providers will increase significantly today with closing of all schools, and as the level of home-working continues to increase. We expect more reports of connection drops and issues with mobile and internet providers in the coming days. National problems are often intermittent and unpredictable, so we recommend the use of to monitor the status of the UK’s larger providers. Please ensure you carry out the basic checks before raising tickets with the helpdesk. Things such as the internet is offline at home, should be raised with whoever supplies the connection if its not with ourselves.

Update 17-03-20

The number one priority for Smart Solutions is the welfare of our employees and those of our customers and we are taking the following action:

  • We are monitoring and adapting to the advice from the government on a daily basis. We are enforcing symptom based self-isolation within our staff.
  • Where possible we are limiting site visits to essential projects and critical incident response. Remote technologies are already a major part of our support offering, however this will be clearly increased in the coming weeks and whilst not perfect for all scenarios, we ask our customers for their understanding.
  • Smart Solutions staff based at or working on customer premises, will be encouraged to raise any health concerns and take steps required to minimise the risks to themselves and our customers. Where appropriate we will shift these staff to remote working, as we feel this reduces the risk to both staff and customers.
  • Our next clear priority is maintaining customer service levels through this unknown period. We have the best in class technology and tools at our disposal to support remote productivity and we will be assisting clients who need help in shifting their staff to remote working.
  • If the current situation escalates rest assured that Smart Solutions has the ability to fully function with a remote workforce and this will not affect the way we monitor or maintain client systems.

James Barnett – Technical Director

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