WatchGuard FireboxV

Jan 15, 2018

Real Security for a Virtualized World

Organizations of all sizes are turning to virtualization to reduce costs and increase the efficiency, availability and flexibility of their IT resources. But virtualization comes at a cost.

Virtual environments are complex to manage and vulnerable to security threats. IT must be prepared. Now applications can be secured, resources can be maximized and your IT department can reap the rewards of having asingle, unified management system –without a security risk in sight.

WatchGuard FireboxV brings best-in-class network security to the world of virtualization. With real-time monitoring, multi-WAN support and scalable solutions to fit any-sized business, your virtual environments can be just as secure as your physical one.

WatchGuard FireboxV has all the security and networking services found in our award-winning physical appliances, including full HTTPS inspection and support for mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. The feature-packed Fireware OS ships with all FireboxV models.

WatchGuard FireboxV runs on industry-standard servers, including Microsoft® Hyper-V and VMware® vSphere, for maximum flexibility and availability.

Secure your virtual environment, let
 Smart Solutions Group safeguard your business and customers.

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