Integrated business services

New forms of interaction with business partners and customers.

The different ways for your business to contact someone are almost endless, such as traditional fixed-line or mobile phones, fax, instant messaging, video phones and email – with every medium working alongside various applications. The innovative and intuitively usable Swyx software is simply installed across all devices and enables every device to be not only a convenient telephone but also a universal communication portal for all media.

Swyx integrates voice, email, video, voicemail, fax, instant messaging, presence information, application sharing and your company-relevant applications into just one user interface. The unique SWYX phone system allows easily installed and integrated services to your current network or hosted within our private cloud, meaning no additional servers or software are required.

With Swyx your business communication is conveniently linked to your business processes. The result is not only improved workflows within the company, but also completely new forms of interaction with business partners and customers – while simultaneously protecting your previous investments in process applications.

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