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Based in the UK, Smart Solutions Group specialise in the design and deployment of private cloud solutions, offering virtual private cloud and hosted desktops.

Most companies do not want or need the complexity of a large server infrastructure in their office, yet in order to operate a modern business, there will increasingly be a growing requirement. Our solutions remove the unforeseen overheads and hidden costs associated with traditional ways of operating on-premise, by moving all or some of the infrastructure to the cloud.

As an alternative to traditional on-premise physical servers, our cloud hosting is a reliable and scalable solution. It allows you to draw upon resources from a large infrastructure located in our dedicated data centres. This means that should one or more servers experience an issue, we have the resiliency and investment in place to ensure you can keep working.

With the improved manageability of a private cloud solution, you’re able to adjust to fluctuating business demand. This allows you to maintain a consistently operational network, whatever your growth rate.

Using private cloud hosting enables you to focus on your core business, instead of spending time and money on developing and maintaining your server infrastructure. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure with Smart Solutions, you can be confident that your critical business data and applications have a dedicated support team taking care of it.

Our private cloud hosting ensures security and privacy, utilising state of the art hardware and software within ISO27001 datacentres.
We only utilise datacentres located in the UK to ensure that strong compliance requirements can be met, something which is becoming ever increasingly important.

For further information on our Private Cloud and Hosted Desktop services, contact us on 03303 800 900 or email [email protected].

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